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Users usually upgrade their app to a new version whenever an application is updated. Sometimes, it is normal, but it often comes with irritating promotions and lagging that could be improved for the user experience. In this situation, users find alternatives to replace it and eliminate such headaches.

In the case of CapCut, users need help searching for their familiar settings in the new interface. Moreover, after a single update, the requirements of this APK are changed, and users with old devices can’t access the app. That’s why we have brought some old versions of CapCut Pro APK. All of them are free of cost on this website provided by Bytedance Pte. Ltd.


As a fantastic video editing tool, all its versions require excellent RAM, processor, and massive storage to improve performance and efficiency. Microphone, camera, and internet permissions are compulsory for a better experience.

Before installing an old version, ensure your device meets the following requirements. 

Storage100MB+ (for APK) and 2GB+ (for videos)
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0+
PermissionCamera & Mic
ChipsetOcta Core Processor with 2.0 GHz speed
(SD 665+ is suggested)

How to Install

Although all these old versions are not available on the Google Play Store, that’s why you need to install one of them from this website by following these steps:

  • All the download links are provided for each version. Select your APK and tap its download button.
  • After downloading, tap to view the downloaded file from your file manager; it will show you a prompt to activate unknown sources. You must enable this option from your device’s settings to install it.
  • After its activation, open the file again and click on the “Install” option. It will be installed successfully.
  • Once it’s installed, open the app and grant the permissions of the Camera and Mic shown in the prompts.
CapCut Pro APK - Old Versions - Info

Old Versions

CapCut Pro APK v10.5.0

Although there are specific versions older than 9.3.0, we have included it because of its better interface, user experience, and ease of use for beginners.

What’s New

Let’s spill the beans from some unique features unavailable in older versions.

  • Animation of captions was introduced in this version.
  • Text templates were added.
  • Video effects were updated.
  • Performance was improved.

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateAug 30, 2023

CapCut Pro APK v10.0.0

In this app, the company brought some aesthetic features to entertain and engage the viewers with the content paid for by other software, but CapCut provided it without cost.

What’s New

Let’s uncover some handy, practical, stunning options in its toolbar.

  • A lock-on feature was established.
  • The slow-motion effect was added.
  • Animated stickers were developed.
  • Bugs were fixed

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateSep 2, 2023

CapCut Pro APK v9.8.0

With a considerable upgrade, the 8th generation of CapCut brought plenty of advanced features, especially for enhancing video quality. A few are discussed below in this type.

What’s New

These are a few improvements that were absent in older APKs.

  • Image stabilization mode was launched.
  • Screen retouching was included.
  • Optical flow was added with keyframe animations.

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateSep 17, 2023

CapCut Pro APK v9.5.0

The app was updated to this form because users demand custom features. In this variant, the company allowed its editors to customize their stuff using the editing options.

What’s New

Besides editing a video clip, various options are organized for personal use.

  • Image editing was provided.
  • Custom fonts can be imported.
  • External icons and stickers can be edited.
  • Speed curves were added to the Slow-motion effect.

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateSep 26, 2023

CapCut Pro APK v9.2.0

Users were in a difficult phase while editing two or more content elements. Due to this upgrade, the usage of multiple videos or images was increased. 

What’s New

With due changes, this app became very convenient for multi-layer users.

  • Chroma Key was established for professional usage.
  • Video templates were generated to produce a charming short clip.
  • The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature was introduced to bind multiple layers.

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateOct 18, 2023

CapCut Pro APK v9.0.0

It is the last older version of our list. In this app, some additional qualities were added that became essential to produce more attractive content to win the audience’s attention.

What’s New

There are a few insertions of extra but adorable features to improve the experience.

  • Subtitles were developed.
  • A 3D zoom effect was initiated.
  • TikTok began to use its templates for short videos.
  • It gave an option to add a custom background using the chroma key.

About the App

NameCapCut Pro APK
Last UpdateNov 12, 2023

General Features

Although the developers of this app upgraded it, besides these timely updates, various primary and advanced features are standard in all old versions. 

Premium Unlocked apk

Premium Unlocked

The main reason for launching these Mod APKs was to get extraordinary options in a free app without any paid monthly or yearly subscription. There are hundreds of filters and effects unavailable in the official app.



Whenever we need to use unique elements in our content, it usually demands watching a promotional ad to apply that ingredient. These apps are modified to avoid such ads.

Speed Control

Speed Control

One of the most critical parts of editing is to control the speed of our video. It is necessary to adjust the speed from 0.1x to 100x because we can quickly determine the highlights or unnecessary areas of our content.

No watermark

No Watermark

One of the most annoying parts of the editing tools is their logo watermark applied within the content. In this Mod app, you don’t need to remove them manually from another source.

Sound and Music

Sounds and Musics

Light music or relevant sound effects are also engaging tools. Some pre-built sound effects enhance the presence of a particular portion, and music creates an attractive vibe for viewers.

Transition effects

Transition Effect

Transition effects, used to merge two videos decoratively, provide a professional look to ordinary content. Fade, Slide, and Dissolve are the most popular transitions of this application.

Pros and Cons

With these beneficial characteristics, at the same time, we must remember the following drawbacks while installing an old application.


  • You can practice it without the internet.
  • Your data is secure in this app.
  • You can experience the old user interface to understand it easily.


  • You’ll practice limited options.
  • You’ll not be able to experience updated features.


These are privacy-encrypted APKs. Feel free to use any of them.

It depends on their compatibility, but most can be installed on any Android device. You can’t download these Mod APKs on your PC or Apple devices.

The ball is in your court because you can easily uninstall it and install the latest APK from this website.

Final Words

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed our article. A beginner lacking technical knowledge can efficiently utilize one of the old feature-packed versions of CapCut like a piece of cake to take a step into the editing field by following all the instructions in this write-up. An updated app is recommended if your device meets its requirements. Otherwise, you don’t need to sit on the fence because you can access old versions of this application.

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