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In search of a decent video editing tool, we usually find expensive editors offering yearly subscriptions. No doubt, free trials are suggested before a premium package, but they are unreliable for continuous usage. In such a case, what are other options if we don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on it?

Well, there are multiple solutions, but we will discuss CapCut for PC, an easy-to-use editing software used to create suitable videos for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms on desktop. We see this kind of app once in a blue moon because of its free availability on the Google Play Store.

What’s New

It was launched by Bytedance company to improve mobile editing. Still, over time, they realized to make a desktop, and iOS version too and updated it so far to facilitate their PC users timely. For now, plenty of updates with valuable features have been introduced. Some new changes in its latest version are discussed below:

  • Funny stickers are added.
  • The 3D zoom effect is developed.
  • Gradients in the text are introduced.
  • Copyright-free music has been updated.
  • It is highly optimized for Windows 11.
  • It can also be installed on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It only ran on 32-bit PCs earlier, but now it supports 64-bit computers, too. gif maker 14

About the App

NameCapCut for PC
Size117 MB+
License typeFree
Last UpdateAugust 31, 2023
CompatibilityWindows 11, 10, 8, and 7
Developed byBytedance Pte. Ltd.


A fast, stable, and secure internet, necessary for cloud-based features and future updates, is highly preferred for a good experience with CapCut for PC.

Furthermore, specific essential system requirements exist to consider the app’s compatibility with the PC. Let this cat out of the bag following the table.

RAMMinimum 4GB+ (8GB+ is recommended)
CPUIntel or AMD Processor
Disk SpaceMinimum 2GB+ for storage of video files
Operating SystemWindows 7 + (Windows 10 & 11 are preferred)
Graphics CardHD Graphics 5000 or later, 
or AMD Radeon R5 or later, 
or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later

How to Install

Usually, people want to run their Android apps in a full-screen view on a PC or laptop, but even after trying so hard, they can’t find an authentic way to practice their desired APK on a desktop. Well, here we have two different emulators supporting us to download the app file and make it easier to install on our personal computers. 

  • Bluestacks Emulator
  • Nox Player Emulator

Let’s see the methods of the installation of CapCut for PC using one of these emulators. You can follow any of them.

Method 1 (Bluestacks)

Before going towards the complete process, let’s introduce this emulator first. Bluestacks, a relatively easy and reliable app player, supports all Windows, including 7, 8, and 10, to install CapCut on a PC. You must follow these steps to proceed with the downloading.

  • First, download the file of the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  • Open that downloaded file and give all the required permissions.
  • Once it’s installed, open the emulator. It will take a few minutes to load. After the loading is completed, the home screen will be opened automatically.
  • You’ll see a button to access the Google Play Store through its home page. Log in with your Gmail and go ahead.
  • It’s all done with the Bluestacks, and now you can access any Android application available on the Play Store on your desktop PC. We’ll find CapCut from the search results in this Play Store and download it.
  • After the completion of its installation, you will get a CapCut icon on the home screen of the Bluestacks emulator. That’s it. Open the app and have fun with all the features of an Android APK on your PC or laptop.

This method is recommended if you can neither download the app through the Google Play Store nor have an APK file to install it on a desktop. But if you already have an APK file, import it on Bluestacks’ home screen using the “Import” option.

Method 2 (Nox Player)

Nox Player, another well-known app player, works to install Android apps on big screens. It’s pretty similar to Bluestacks but with a different user interface. Let’s disclose its contribution to desktop applications.

  • Firstly, download the Nox Player emulator on your desktop.
  • Find its file in the download folder of your PC and complete its installation by following all the essential steps.
  • After its completion, launch the Nox Player and sign in using your Email Address in the Google Play Store.
  • Now, search the CapCut and tap the “Install” button. It may take a couple of minutes, depending on your internet speed. Once done, you can see your app on the Nox Player’s home screen.

Now, You can freely practice CapCut on your PC without paid subscriptions.

CapCut for PC - Info

Features of CapCut for PC 

Unlike other editing tools, CapCut offers plenty of valuable features for free, and some of them are described below:

Video editing

Video Editing

All the essential features in the CapCut PC version are enough to transform scattered and unbalanced clips into a decent video.

For this purpose, crop, merge, trim, and split, along with rotation, video speed, and rotation options, are prepared. Some emojis and stickers are also included with the text overlays to make it more attractive.

Music and Sound effects

Music and Sound Effects

Although the app has a massive pre-installed music collection, it also allows users to use the device’s library for a background music clip by trimming and synchronizing them.

For a great audio experience, a certain amount of sound effects are updated in this app.



An extraordinary feature used to merge two videos into one smoothly and give a professional touch to engage more of the audience in Social Media is the Transition Effect. Slide, Fade, Dissolve, Ghost, and Slice are the best transitions of CapCut.

Effects and filters

Effects and Filters

The visual effects, one of the most charming features, add extra value to the content. The app has many effects, but Glitch, Retro, FX, and RGB are top of the list.

On the other hand, filters also add outstanding quality to videos because of pre-built saturation, contrast, vibrance, sharpness, brightness, and many more parameters to enhance the user’s visual experience.

Export to share

Export to share

There’re two options in CapCut to share your edited stuff on Social Media. In the 1st one, you can manually download the video with the drawback of a watermark and share it on your desired platform.

In the 2nd one, you can redirect your video from CapCut to TikTok in a single click. In both ways, the quality of content remains perfect, like 1080p to 4K. 

Text overlays

Text Overlays

There are built-in text overlays in the title and anywhere in the video to explain something important. The application provides appealing font styles and customization options, including animation effects, color gradients, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text.

Bonus Tip

Primarily, video content is produced to publish and promote on Social Media. In 2023, we observe that short videos get viral quickly, and TikTok plays a vital role. Although both platforms, CapCut and TikTok, are the products of Bytedance Pte. Ltd company, the good news is that both the apps are associated.

Now, let’s spill the beans on the Tip because you should produce short videos for TikTok using CapCut templates. When you try to export the video from CapCut, it shows you a button to redirect toward TikTok without a watermark. You should describe your video, add related hashtags, tag relevant creators, and post it. You’ll reach your targeted audience to convey your message.

For more understanding, you may watch this video tutorial.

Add a heading 3

Pros and Cons

With all the beneficial factors, take it like a pinch of salt, but it is essential to disclose a few drawbacks too.


  • It ensures content encryption to protect users’ data.
  • Multitasking is more effortless through keyboard shortcuts.
  • It auto-updates trending stickers, filters, and effects.


  • Restricted Functionalities
  • Compatibility problems


Of course, it is a user-friendly and convenient application for beginners. With the app’s help of tutorials and user guides, anybody can start video editing from scratch like a piece of cake.

The Internet is required to download the app and emulators and to update the critical features on time. If you’ve installed it and don’t care for the updates, feel free to practice it in offline mode.

MOV, MP4, and AVI, well-known and essential video formats, are supported.

 You can edit and apply your audio files to your video clips.

Not at all. It’s an official Capcut application. We’ve provided CapCut Pro APK, but not in this article.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this article in which all the basic and advanced aspects are covered in detail. If you’re still sitting on the fence, let me explain; we know the importance of video content on Social Media and its editing scope in this modern era. 

After experiencing the other tools, we recommended CapCut for PC because of its user-friendly interface and innovative features. We hope you’ll love it by jumping on the bandwagon of CapCut after your first experience with it.

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